Pictures of March – Collie Colors

MWCR members and fans were asked to send us their collie colors, after posting this link. Click on picture for a larger view. A huge thank you to everybody who sent in their photos!

Emmie Emmie at the officeThis is Emmie, a sable and white, from MWCR. She came from a breeder in Iowa who had 19 collie puppies. I flew to Wisconsin to get her. Emmie now lives in Georgia and is the queen of our house. She is funny, talkative and amazingly smart, not to mention beautiful – Jennie Vitty-Rogers


AstroI was told that Astro is a white factored sable merle  – Cindy Matz


BraveheartBraveheart is a tricolor – Judy Hanson


FionaFiona, showing off her classic collie pose, is a sable and was adopted from MWCR. She was formerly known as Sadie and lived her previous life as an outdoor farm dog – DW Johnston


caseyupnorthCasey, classic sable collie, adopted from local shelter.

finnlakeFinnagan, sable-headed white, rescued through local shelter – Dan and Amy Estep, La Crosse, Wis.


Ilsa2IlsaHere’s our white Ilsa! We’d lose her in the snow if not for the color around her face 🙂 – Jen and Scott Swanson


LaceyIt was six years ago on March 17th, or thereabouts, when MWCR took in five little collie puppies from a litter of nine. One of those babies was our dear sweet Lacey, the only girl in the group. She is doing well and although she misses Max, Lacey is surrounded by her feline buddies. We are so grateful to MWCR for rescuing those babies. – Shiela and Bruce Rabe


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI saw the picture of Tucker’s sister, Lacey, and wanted to send a picture of our collie boy from that litter. We picked him up in Fridley, Minn., on March 14th, 2008.  This picture is of the many snow piles around our yard with his little sheltie brother Chewie. – Thank you, Vickie


imageGina S. says Lady, adopted last summer, is “the best dog ever”!


Hallie and kitty

Hallie and Pirate

Hallie, adopted in 2005 (see update here), and her kitty sibling, Pirate.





One thought on “Pictures of March – Collie Colors

  1. Reblogged this on bestfriendsanimalbehavior and commented:
    I have a beautiful blue merle collie adopted from MWCR in March of 2011. His name is Merlin (given by MWCR ) we loved him and his name so we kept both after a short meet up. I am an Animal Behaviorist so everyone thinks that Merlin’s great temperament was my doing, but I have to be honest and say that he came to me a perfect young collie gentleman! I will post a photo of him as soon as I get my camera working. MWCR rocks! I am constantly inspired by the wonderful work that everyone associated with the Rescue does – Thank you! It has been my great priveledge to have worked with many MWCR dogs over the years. They all hold a special place in my heart. Thank you for everything that you do, MWCR folks! Carol Propotnik

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