Collie Flower Party

flowers-in-a-blue-vase-free-clipartAt Catholic Eldercare in northeast Minneapolis, May 4

Collies and Shelties welcome for an afternoon with the residents. Dogs do not need to be certified with TDI or DELTA Pet Partners. The only requirement is to like people and be comfortable in crowds. It is a good opportunity to see if you and your dog would be a good pet partner team.


2:30-3:30 p.m., Catholic Eldercare, 817 Main St. NE, Minneapolis

RSVP to Kathy Buliczk, Catholic Eldercare, at or Judy Roggow, MWCR member, at for questions and a final head count.

More info from Judy: For those who want to test their dog to see if they would be a good therapy dog this is a great opportunity.  I would encourage people to keep the dog to owner/handler ratio at 1:1.  Even though your dog loves people, think of them first this can be stressful for them if they are not used to wheelchairs, walkers, canes and people wanting to hug them.  The most important thing I learned in training is that you are there for the residents but you are always first and foremost an advocate for your dog. Watch their reactions and don’t hesitate to give them a break and most importantly have fun with your dog.


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