Hallie: Adopted in 2005



I just wanted to provide an update on Hallie. It has been a while. I adopted her January 28, 2005. She celebrated her 13th birthday last month and is still in very good health.  She had her senior exam last week and her blood work came back normal!! It was good even for a 6-year-old. She runs around the yard after squirrels like she always has. She has a touch of arthritis, but it doesn’t affect her ability to get around at all. It is manageable with glucosamine.

I couldn’t have asked for a better dog. A true lady, well mannered and always gracious. She has been great around my cats, my two boys that I had when she arrived and the two girls in our household now. She was so patient with them when they were little and they kept “attacking’ her tail. Now that there are grandchildren around, she is wonderful with them as well. Everyone who meets her loves her. One day I was walking her and she was full of energy and bouncing around. We came upon a frail, elderly lady who wanted to pet Hallie. I asked her to sit and Hallie sat perfectly still while the lady pet her for about five minutes. After the lady left, Hallie was her bouncy self again. She knew she had to keep still for that lady. She’s one of a kind. 
Thanks MWCR  for my best friend!! – Janet Wiand

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