Minnesota Volunteer Opportunity

Sunny_FurPillowIt is so wonderful that we have so many volunteers who go to many events to promote collie rescue.

This summer there is another opportunity for small-scale local education, display and basically showing off our wonderful collies.  The Summer Reading Program at public libraries in Minnesota (except the Twin Cities and St. Cloud areas) this year has the theme “Paws for Reading”.  A lot of small and mid-sized public libraries all over the rest of the state are looking for program opportunities for children 5 to 12 that feature animals.
I know that libraries in my area are looking for therapy dogs, service dogs, dancing dogs, whatever to come in and give short presentations to the children (and often their parents are there).  Some have already contacted local humane societies and animal rescues. Some like, Bemidji, already have a bi-weekly B.A.R.K program that helps reluctant readers by having them cuddle up and read to a dog.
It could be a great opportunity to talk about caring for dogs, dog rescue and adoption.  Or, as I said, just showing off your beautiful “Lassie”.
So consider calling your local public library and asking if they would like you to participate in their SRP programming.
    – M.F. Ridge

Emily’s New Title

Emily 1 Hello again, its Emily Ester Rose, the princess of 46th Ave S.  I wanted to tell you about my newest accomplishment.  While I have been quite happy being a princess, I felt that I should also do something else.

I believe I told you all about getting a title in rally.  I now have a RN after my name.  My Mom teases me about that.  She says it means Registered NursEmily 2e, so I should carry a basket around and brings things that she wants especially if she isn’t feeling good.  Really!  At least I know she is kidding … Actually you know, we collies do that naturally anyways, not carrying the basket, but comforting people who are sick, or down.  We know and by our presence, we help, so maybe Registered Nurse does fit me.  The basket isn’t far off either.  My teacher at my Alma Mater, TCOTC, expected me to go and pick up a basket and bring it back.  I thought that was asking a lot!  Laddie Luke has the basket now.  He is the one expected to pick it up (he has my old teacher).  I laugh at him, ha, ha, its your turn now.

Memorial – Zeke

Zeke_Jan 25We just want to thank the MWCR for giving us the most wonderful, compassionate, beautiful collie in the world!  We adopted him in February 2002 as a 10-week-old puppy.  We will never forget the trip from Illinois to Minnesota on Feb. 1, 2002!  Zeke was the first born of nine puppies.  He was from the litter who had Nine and Cosmo to name a few.  His mom was Bella.

In 2004 we had taken Zeke to the vet because his nose was always pink and would sometime scab and bleed.  They did a biopsy and diagnosed it as “Collie Nose” or Discoid Lupus, an auto-immune disease.  It never really bothered him throughout his life.  We would put a steroid cream on it and try to keep him out of the sun. During all the years we had him he went everywhere with us!  We would call him the “Whitewater Pup” as my daughter is up there at college and would come to all her soccer games and even come in her dorm!  He was definitely one of the family!  He even traveled to North Carolina by car with us.  He would come up to the front of the car to tell us it was time to find a Way Stop for a “potty” break – what dog does that!  I could go on forever in telling you how wonderful he was.

He turned 12 Nov. 23 and it was days later that he developed a cough.  We took him in right away and after some tests, thought it was just chronic bronchitis.  They put him on some antibiotics and a cough medicine. His cough seemed to subside but then his nose seemed to be stuffed up where it would be difficult for him to breathe. We brought him back in and they put him on more meds including a steroid.  By December he was having a difficult time walking.  His legs seemed to be giving out on him.  Brought him back again and asked the Dr. if this could be his Lupus.  Doctor didn’t think so but after doing some research, found out it was.  On January 25th we put our puppy down as he was not eating or drinking.  I think he was telling us that it’s enough.  We did everything we could for him.  The doctor said if he didn’t have Lupus, he was in such good shape and health that he could have lived another 2-3 years more.

We were so fortunate to have him in our lives.  Our house is cold and empty without him and we still all cry on a daily basis.  The love and happiness that Zeke brought to us is indescribable!  We are so sorry for not keeping up with your website to let you know how he was doing.

Thank you again for letting Zeke be a big part of the Gizowski Family!  When we are ready for another dog, we will be looking at your website to find another wonderful and loving collie!

The Gizowski Family
Mary Pat, Pete, Michelle, Mallory & John Patrick