Great Lakes Pet Expo

Milwaukee Pet ExpoMWCR had a booth at the Great Lakes Pet Expo, Feb. 1, in Milwaukee. It is the largest non-profit Pet Expo in Wisconsin. Here, Jake greets visitors wearing a party collar, one of the more popular items MWCR sells at its booth. Fun was had by all in spite of the snow storm raging outside.

A huge thank you to the volunteers and their collies: Mary Scopp and Beth Selburg with Zeus, Kristin Kappelman, with Spike, Sue Bodden-Eichsteadt with Ranger; Eileen Mack with Tucker, Jill Cichacki with Blue; Bonnie Christiansen with Miss Diva Desi; Lynn McCaustland with Raylan; Mary Sciurba with McTavish (fka Logan, adopted last month). Laura Michlig coordinated everything, set up the booth and stayed all day with her daughter, Brittney with Jake (pictured).

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