February Adoptions

WatsonThis handsome 6-7ish gentleman, Watson, is saying hello to his new life in Wisconsin after coming up from Missouri. Watson is heartworm positive and will have to undergo lengthy treatment but his new family, including a couple kitty siblings, will be there every step of the way with lots of love and support. Congratulations and looking forward to posting lots of positive updates!


JacksonJackson, 6-year-old mahogany male, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Jackson was surrendered to a shelter who contacted MWCR and asked us to take him in. He had been shaved and had some naked patches due to a possible allergy. After a few weeks in foster care his skin has cleared up, his fur is growing back and his loving, playful disposition make him a favorite every place he goes. He is definitely going to fit in nicely with his new family, including a kitty and big brother maltese.  Looking forward to seeing him when his coat grows back!

Adoption update: Patches

Patches and familyHi! We adopted “Patches” last year. He is such a wonderful addition to our family! Our adult children were able to come home recently, and we finally got a family picture, this time with Patches in it! I just wanted to share it with you.

PatchesThank you for all you do to find forever homes for our beautiful collies!!! – Glynis Vacek

Pictures of February

KatrinaKatrina Selburg relaxes on her favorite chair at her house in Waukesha, Wisconsin on a negative 45 degree day in January.  She’s watching the sparrows who are not bothered by the weather whatsoever, busily eating from the bird feeder right outside the window.


ZeusZeus Selburg enjoys playing in the snow . . . and we’ve had plenty of that here in Wisconsin!  He loves having scoops of freshly-shoveled snow thrown in his face.   The more the better!  He also loves it when we throw the snow up in the air. He’ll  jump off the ground and do a complete 360 eagerly snapping at the snow.  He’s a very coordinated collie!


JinnyJinny keeps an eye (and ear) on the sledders in Northfield, Minn.


MiloMilo and friends find a path through the snow.


WoodsonWoodson is kind of a wimp in the snow, but this storm that hit Minneapolis on Feb. 20 dumped a foot of snow, on top of what has been there since November. He got his long legs stuck in a drift and now won’t go into the yard behind him.  This makes him look small, when in fact he’s a pretty tall boy.


Gabi & ShastaNewly adopted Gabi spends time in the snow while being dog-sat in Iowa, while her parents were in the sunny south!  Think she’ll get one of those t-shirts that says “my parents went to sunny and warm Florida and all I got was this shirt”? Gabi is the one sitting up. – Patty Hopkins

Collie Story: Laddie Luke

barbs b day 1014 laddi wins (3)Hi, Laddie Luke here again. Boy, Emily sure wasn’t kidding when she said it was my turn now! Now she was the one that got to watch and cheer while I was sweating it out, trying to do the right thing in a dog show! I sure was embarrassed when it was over. People kept trying to hand my Mom things and taking my picture. Well, here is my picture with some kind of long stringy thing, and two short ones. Everyone was happy though, and that’s what really matters to me.

My main mission in life is pleasing people. I do like to learn new things too, its fun! I am having a great life, thanks to MWCR! – Submitted by Barb Gibson

2014 Twin Cities Pet Expo

Pet expoDespite a major snow storm right before the weekend and treacherous driving conditions around the Twin Cities, the Twin Cities Pet Expo was a success for MWCR, with Sunday being a busier day than usual. Dedicated MWCR volunteers braved the elements to staff our booth.  Volunteers included Cat Olund with Lilo and Maui, Chris Norman and KJ with Woodson,  Judith Roggow with Phoebe, Mary Ann Statz with Cindy, and Linda Riegger with Willie, along with Linda’s friends Justina, Clay and Fillmore who helped set up and staff the booth.   Volunteers Robin Kashuba and Brenda Pulkrabek from Hutchinson wisely decided against traveling hours on dangerous roads Saturday morning and will be volunteering at our booth at the Paws on Parade event later this year.   Linda and Justina, who is an artist, delighted children with their face painting which raised funds for MWCR.  Sheltie mom, and generous MWCR supporter, Carol Brandenburg spent most of Saturday at our booth, helping with merchandise sales and braiding dog tug toys for us to sell.  When not at our booth or watching the shows, Carol shopped at the various vendors and bought two beautiful pet beds which she donated to MWCR for our silent auction.
MWCR fosters Christina and Russell Sager visited our booth and will be volunteering at events this summer.  Adopter Fiona Johnson and her son Alex stopped by for a delightful visit as well.  Dr. Sheila Megan of Companion Animal Hospital, one of our partner veterinary clinics, and her daughter Katie stopped at our booth, and DeLahna Johnson from Pet Dermatology Clinic, another of our partner veterinary clinics, had a booth at the Pet Expo and visited with us.
In addition to the face painting, a huge draw for children was the prize wheel made by Arnie Hilk.  The tall wheel, which makes a distinctive sound, attracted crowds of kids who donated $1 to MWCR to spin the wheel and pick a thank you gift.
To see more pictures, click here.
Thank you to our volunteers and their dogs for making the Pet Expo a success.  Nothing brings people into our booth like a beautiful collie barking with delight.  Our volunteers chatted with numerous people who expressed interest in MWCR and in adopting from us.  Great job!  And thank you to everyone who visited our booth and helped make the weekend a success. – Terry Libro, MWCR President and Event Committee Chairperson.

Memorial – Bailey

Bailey2Way back in 2002, I found your site and was looking to add to my furry family.  I remember one day looking through your collies and seeing his picture. I had a voice in my head and my heart that said “that’s my baby boy”. So no surprise we adopted him. We changed his name to Bailey but when he came to MWCR his name was Baby. He was 10 months old.
And so he lived and loved with his forever family, despite being a bit neurotic because of the abuse suffered before MWCR found him. He was smart, affectionate, patient, playful and a complete love bug.
He brought so much joy to our lives, me, hubby and three children, numerous daycare children, who he loved and protected as his own. He also loved and lost his furry adopted momma, Bessie and his snuggle buddy, Gabe, the cat.
I miss my sweet boy terribly. I sleep with his collar, my daughter, his favorite toy. I know we will heal in time but now is a time of sweet remembrances and I wanted to share some with you.
We will forever love and miss him, until he jumps and collie talks to us on the other side.
My boy: 6/26/2001-02/14/2014 – Fiona Lindquist

Great Lakes Pet Expo

Milwaukee Pet ExpoMWCR had a booth at the Great Lakes Pet Expo, Feb. 1, in Milwaukee. It is the largest non-profit Pet Expo in Wisconsin. Here, Jake greets visitors wearing a party collar, one of the more popular items MWCR sells at its booth. Fun was had by all in spite of the snow storm raging outside.

A huge thank you to the volunteers and their collies: Mary Scopp and Beth Selburg with Zeus, Kristin Kappelman, with Spike, Sue Bodden-Eichsteadt with Ranger; Eileen Mack with Tucker, Jill Cichacki with Blue; Bonnie Christiansen with Miss Diva Desi; Lynn McCaustland with Raylan; Mary Sciurba with McTavish (fka Logan, adopted last month). Laura Michlig coordinated everything, set up the booth and stayed all day with her daughter, Brittney with Jake (pictured).

Minnesota Volunteer Opportunity

Sunny_FurPillowIt is so wonderful that we have so many volunteers who go to many events to promote collie rescue.

This summer there is another opportunity for small-scale local education, display and basically showing off our wonderful collies.  The Summer Reading Program at public libraries in Minnesota (except the Twin Cities and St. Cloud areas) this year has the theme “Paws for Reading”.  A lot of small and mid-sized public libraries all over the rest of the state are looking for program opportunities for children 5 to 12 that feature animals.
I know that libraries in my area are looking for therapy dogs, service dogs, dancing dogs, whatever to come in and give short presentations to the children (and often their parents are there).  Some have already contacted local humane societies and animal rescues. Some like, Bemidji, already have a bi-weekly B.A.R.K program that helps reluctant readers by having them cuddle up and read to a dog.
It could be a great opportunity to talk about caring for dogs, dog rescue and adoption.  Or, as I said, just showing off your beautiful “Lassie”.
So consider calling your local public library and asking if they would like you to participate in their SRP programming.
    – M.F. Ridge

Emily’s New Title

Emily 1 Hello again, its Emily Ester Rose, the princess of 46th Ave S.  I wanted to tell you about my newest accomplishment.  While I have been quite happy being a princess, I felt that I should also do something else.

I believe I told you all about getting a title in rally.  I now have a RN after my name.  My Mom teases me about that.  She says it means Registered NursEmily 2e, so I should carry a basket around and brings things that she wants especially if she isn’t feeling good.  Really!  At least I know she is kidding … Actually you know, we collies do that naturally anyways, not carrying the basket, but comforting people who are sick, or down.  We know and by our presence, we help, so maybe Registered Nurse does fit me.  The basket isn’t far off either.  My teacher at my Alma Mater, TCOTC, expected me to go and pick up a basket and bring it back.  I thought that was asking a lot!  Laddie Luke has the basket now.  He is the one expected to pick it up (he has my old teacher).  I laugh at him, ha, ha, its your turn now.