Pictures of January

MaleahMaleah & JaxonHere are a couple pics of our Maleah in Florida (our winter home). It’s hard to believe she was only eight months old when we adopted her, and now she is four years old. The time has certainly flown by. Maleah, AKA goofy girl, lee lee, and sweet collie girl has been a great addition to our family. So sweet and affectionate, yet still a pistol and full of life and mischief!!! Here she is hanging out at the dogpark and with her collie/husky brother Jaxson. They are a perfect match and dearly love each other. My sister and I are proud to be members of MWCR, and hope to add another collie to our family one day. Thanks for all you and everyone else at MWCR for all the wonderful work you do.
– Linda & Lori McNally


GracieBeautiful 9-year-old Gracie was adopted this summer and her new mom couldn’t be happier with her. She’s adapted well to living in Wisconsin and rooted for the Packers in the playoffs!


DiceDice says “Stay warm everybody”!

pawprint_grayJinny in EskoJinny visits Grandpa in Esko, Minn.


pawprint_grayFinnegan and BroganFinnegan and Brogan burning off some energy before we go into hibernation again.   Of course, in true rough fashion, the nose has been buried deep in the snow.


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