Memorial – Tesla

TeslaTesla, a smooth coated tricolor collie came to us through the Animal Rescue League of Iowa.  She was found wondering on I-80.  We treated Tesla for heartworm and she came through like a champ.  However, during her long period of quite confinement she did put on a few too many pounds. Tesla loved food!  To help with her weight loss and her arthritis she would go the 20 miles to Ames every Wednesday to the ISU Vet Hospital for swimming.  This rehab had a pretty amazing effect on her.  She would swim in the pool and then do the underwater tread mill.  For two days after she came home she was a different dog.  She would bounce and play with our Huygens – her favorite.

Tesla was also the resident couch potato and she ruled the others from her perch.  No one else would sit on the couch if Tesla was there and everyone knew to make way for her.   She was a very aloof queen collie and if she wanted attention she would come to you.  My Tesla was the sweetest little girl and she is greatly missed by her family.   Our couch is left unguarded.

– Ann Peterson

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