Volunteering at Events

Christina and Russ Sager with NessaAre you someone who enjoys showing off your dog? Talking to people? A new event season is upon us and volunteering at an event is a great way you can help MWCR by spending an hour or two hanging out at the booth. Having a collie at the booth brings people up to the table. Many people tell us how they had a collie when they were young and just want to pet a collie. They’ll spend some time talking to us about their own collie experiences and then start asking us about the rescue. Kids love the collie fur and are often face to face with the collies, so they drag their parents over. We even have ‘regulars’ that we see at each event and it’s always nice to say hello. Plus you can wander around the event before or after your time at the booth!

Click here to see pictures of our 2013 events.

If you’re interested in volunteering at events please contact one of our Event Volunteer Coordinators:

  • Minnesota:  Cat Olund | cat_chisago@yahoo.com
  • Wisconsin: Laura Michlig | michliglaura@yahoo.com


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