2014 Calendars

From Patty Hopkins
hug-club-clip-art-335We broke a record in calendar sales this year, thanks to Facebook, this blog and emails, we surpassed our goal. One-hundred calendars more than the original first order and most likely double of years past.
Thank you to everyone who sent pictures, purchased calendars and a huge thank you to Eileen Mack for gathering the pictures, creating the calendar, and creating the video.

One thought on “2014 Calendars

  1. Every year I get 2 MWCR calendars – one for myself and one for my mother who lives in an apartment in a retirement community. She just let me know that although many of the apartments in the complex have little corner shelves by the doors for people to decorate, she had never wanted one. Nonetheless, one day she came home and one had been installed outside her door. That’s when she realized what to do with the 2013 MWCR calendar that she hadn’t wanted to throw away – it now graces the ledge outside her front door, and she has had countless compliments on it!

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