Memorial – Lou

LouLou started collie life as an 8-week-old puppy on a farm.  At age two, he was surrendered to a shelter and luckily came to MWCR and was placed.  He was returned to MWCR at age 10 years.  I adopted Lou 25 months ago at age 10.5 and his records indicated he had suffered storm anxiety all his life.  We immediately started a targeted program to relieve his storm anxiety.  His biggest accomplishment in his collie life, aside from being a very gorgeous collie and having everyone he met fall in love with him, was that he overcame his fear of storms and he lived the last year of his life in peace.  He passed to the Rainbow Bridge with dignity on 12/21/2013.  He is greatly missed.

– Gail Toussaint

One thought on “Memorial – Lou

  1. Lou was a very special collie and to me a good friend. I will miss his bark, him tapping my leg with his paw, and his gentle nature. Godspeed sweet Lou.

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