Foster Failure Update w/DNA results

Just thought I’d share some fun information about Thunder, who we recently fostered and then adopted.  We knew he was a mix so just for fun we decided to buy the Wisdom Panel DNA test kit.   The results came back, and (drumroll, please) – Thunder is a German Shepherd / Whippet / Collie / something else mix.  One parent was a solid match for GSD/Whippet and the other parent was mostly Collie with some other breed mixed for good measure (possibilities given were Pomeranian, Spitz, Scottish Deerhound, Belgian Tervuren or Bearded Collie).

We were pretty sure from the beginning that he had German Shepherd in him, but Whippet????????  I just don’t see it.  He’s about 70 lbs. and has a really solid build with big, thick paws.

Extra info on the tests for anyone who is interested.

I read some articles online to figure out which test kit to buy.  From my research, I found that they can be hit or miss, but that Wisdom Panel appeared to be the most accurate, and definitely had the most breeds represented.  The best price I could find was on Amazon for $64.99 with free shipping.

The test was pretty easy too – just a couple cheek swabs and mail them in.  The results came back way faster than they promise too – about 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

– Jenny

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