Sharing is Giving to MWCR

Even people who don’t shop often shop online this time of year.  Like you, they probably want to make sure Shopping = Giving at stores like Amazon, jcpenney, Macys, Nordstrom, and lots, lots more.  Asking them to help is as simple as forwarding this information.  As always, it’s completely free, all costs are paid for by the stores. Over 1,000 of the greatest stores participate.

Now is the moment for maximum help for MWCR. That’s why we’re giving MWCR an extra $5 for every new member that tries the iGive Button, even if they don’t end up shopping.

Share now by forwarding this link, posting on Facebook, or even tweeting.
Here’s the special link you must use:

The optional iGive Button makes it really, really simple

It automatically makes sure that a portion of your purchases at over 1,000 stores means a free donation to the cause of your choice.  Shopping = Giving year ’round.  The Button makes sure every purchase counts, even if you forget.  Use an iPad or iPhone? It’s very easy to help – just visit and start your shopping there!

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