Collie Story: So Happy Together

laddies scot hat spring 2013 (36)Hello. My name is Emily Ester Rose, the Princess of 46th Ave S. You may remember when I told you how I found my voice. Well, I am writing this time to set things straight. Laddie Luke, my big brother wrote the last two stories. Now, I encouraged him to write the first one, but I didn’t intend for him to take over! He is feeling more and more at home and is even playing with my toys, sleeping in my bed, and racing through my dog park! I used to like to sit on the hill at the park and have people admire me, now I have to run, and people tell him how handsome he is! (Truthfully now, I get compliments, too.) Some of this is good, some not so good. I am, after all, the Princess and ruler of this household.

He was so polite when he first came which is why he stole my family’s heart and I accepted him into the house. I was cautious at first, he didn’t know how to play, or even how to get up the stairs to the bedroom. I took him in remembering what it was like to be alone and afraid in a new place. I must say he OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwon my heart, too, and I am happier with a friend and companion. I am including a couple of photos of Laddie and I at home in our bed so you can see how indeed he has taken over! Now don’t tell him (I have to keep him in line), but I am much happier too.

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