Teamwork and Saving Collies

By Terry Libro, President, MWCR

I never cease to by amazed by the teamwork that exists within MWCR and the manner in which people come together quickly to help our dogs.

Late on a quiet Thursday evening a few weeks ago, I was shopping when my cell phone rang.  Kitty and Arnie Hilk’s daughter Amber had seen a Facebook posting about a free collie advertised on Craig’s List.  Amber, who was instrumental in saving an MWCR Collie (Elvis, now known as Tripper) from a dire situation a few years ago, was very concerned about this new collie given the unfortunate circumstances that dogs advertised on Craig’s List and Facebook can end up in.  Within minutes, our Intake Coordinators, Joan Tadisch and Barb Heideman, were tracking down the information, getting in touch with the owner, and explaining the work of MWCR.  By the next morning, the owner had agreed to hold the collie for us, Mary Scopp had found a foster home, and the transport was arranged.

MWCR has many volunteers who work quietly and tirelessly behind the scenes, are on call 24/7, and give so much of themselves to help our collies.  There aren’t any monetary rewards, only the satisfaction of knowing that another collie will have a wonderful new home because of their efforts.  Our volunteers have huge hearts and souls, and MWCR couldn’t exist without their dedication, commitment, and teamwork.  Your work is greatly appreciated.

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