Pictures of the Month

Jinny at school 2Jinny, adopted in 2011, visits her BFF Kaelyn’s school for the second time. According to Dad, the kids were all over Jinny and she let them hug and pet her as much as they wanted. Four teachers kept commenting on how calm Jinny was.

Jinny at school

Ricky-GroomTransport failure, Ricky (see October adoptions), gets a wash and a haircut and LOVES the dog park.


BulletFoster Bullet enjoying the fallen leaves

BeauUpdated picture of Beau (center) – formerly known as Skylar. He was adopted this summer and he’s obviously loving his new family. Good boy, Beau!

CharlieCharlie, adopted in 2007, on a road trip hiking vacation with his mom.

Wisconsin Dog ParkMac (top) and Jake (both MWCR collies), enjoy the crisp serenity of the dog park on a weekday morning.

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