Collie Story – Puppy Jake

Puppy Jake here 🙂

Puppy JakeSorry I haven’t sent a proper update but my mom has been working a lot (so she can buy me more treats I presume).

For those off you who are new to the site I was adopted by my foster mom and family. I’m about a year now and I have what mom calls my adult smoothie fluff:). Mom’s weird and a groomer so whatever. I’m a HAPPY smoothie! I love all my furry brothers and I love my un-furry kids a ton. I especially love their toys!. I recently started to love my new Dad. My last dad wasn’t so nice to me. But most off all I love my brother Dice and he loves me. Mom said she never saw Dice Man connect to another dog this much. We even have our own smoothie language (really we do). We howl and talk to each other. Mom says she loves smoothies! I’m a good boy and have gained some needed weight. I’m learning puppy manners and to NOT steal a whole container of donuts off the kitchen Island. That un-furry kid left them open so I figured what the heck.

Well gotta run I hear my brother calling me. Thank you MWCR for bringing me into rescue and for helping me have a family. Boy did I get a big one.

– Love Puppy Jake

One thought on “Collie Story – Puppy Jake

  1. Puppy Jake you sound like a very nice pup but most of all a very well loved pup. I used to be a puppy Jake too, but now I am just Jakester or Mr. Boo, Cletus, or whatever mom wants to call me. She has a ton of love names but The Jakester is the best one. I have lived with my mom for almost 10 years now. I have a sister Maisie and I call her Queenie. She hates it and barks at me when I tease her. I love to make her jealous. Mom says she is just a diva so I let her be “the boss” around me but I am easy going now. I was a nervous wreck when I first came to live here. I weighed 38lbs at 1 year. I used to bite mom when she brushed me and I mean nobody could take anything away from me or I would get mad and bite. I feel bad when I think about it because now I know that all people are not bad. Mom says I am a gentle giant now. I weigh 82lbs but my doctor says I am good for my size. My dad died in March 2012 and we were all sad for a while. My mom was really sad because it wasn’t long before dad died that my granny died. Oh I loved them both very much. My dad was sick a long time but he loved collies! Now mom has a friend who is so cool. His name is Dirk and Maisie and I fight over him. He just lets us lay on him and he likes it when Maisie kisses his face. She is such a suck up. I don’t lick, only sometimes I will lick my mom but only a little bit. Dirk and I always lay on the couch together. He always tells me I am a good boy. I think he is a keeper. He makes my mom very happy.

    So I am always glad to hear from a fellow Jakester and it makes my mom smile and cry at the same time when she reads us the stories. I thought I would just pipe in and tell you that your mom is really cool. She gave us baths and made us look so gorgeous. I wish we lived closer we would come and see her more. Maybe some day we will when my mom has more time. Time to close before my mom figures out I can type. She may put me to work, yikes! Just wanted to wish you luck in your new life. One day you will be “The Jakester too” It is a wonderful feeling to be loved!

    The Jakester

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