Pictures of the Month

Jinny at school 2Jinny, adopted in 2011, visits her BFF Kaelyn’s school for the second time. According to Dad, the kids were all over Jinny and she let them hug and pet her as much as they wanted. Four teachers kept commenting on how calm Jinny was.

Jinny at school

Ricky-GroomTransport failure, Ricky (see October adoptions), gets a wash and a haircut and LOVES the dog park.


BulletFoster Bullet enjoying the fallen leaves

BeauUpdated picture of Beau (center) – formerly known as Skylar. He was adopted this summer and he’s obviously loving his new family. Good boy, Beau!

CharlieCharlie, adopted in 2007, on a road trip hiking vacation with his mom.

Wisconsin Dog ParkMac (top) and Jake (both MWCR collies), enjoy the crisp serenity of the dog park on a weekday morning.

How to Help

From Terry Libro, MWCR President
The Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue (MWCR) is an all-volunteer, 501(c)3 nonprofit that derives most of its revenue from adoption fees and donations.  The extent to which we depend on donations for our survival struck home as I reviewed the 2012 financial reports prepared by our accountant at MAP for Nonprofits in Minnesota.
In 2012, the income from the adoption of our Collies totaled $9,922 and we spent $58,347 on veterinary care for our fosters.  MWCR provides basic veterinary care (vaccinations, spays, neuters, treatment of existing conditions such as heartworm infections and other infections, etc.), dental care when abscessed teeth are present, and specialty care for broken bones and other serious conditions.  If it weren’t for the generosity of our members and supporters, we could never have provided the level of care that our rescued Collies needed.
Your tax-deductible donations make a world of difference to our Collies.  There are a variety of ways that people can support our work.
  • Make a generous donation during the Give to the Max Day Fundraiser ( on November 14 and encourage friends, colleagues, and relatives from around the world to do so as well.
  • Donate at any time on our website (  It is not necessary to have, or to set up, a PayPal account to make a donation; simply use your credit card via PayPal to make a donation.
  • Mail a donation directly to MWCR at our mailing address (1600 18th Avenue NE, PO Box 68006, Minneapolis, MN  55418).
  • Purchase MWCR merchandise via our website or at any of our events.
  • Attend our Collie Frolics and  Annual Dinner Meeting and Fundraiser and bid on silent auction items.
  • Support our affiliated vendors who donate a portion of their sales to MWCR.  Affiliated vendors are listed on our website and include Gray Gables Farms, Critters and All, Jane’s Panes, US Bones, Pawlees Treats, Best Bully Sticks, Café Press,  Zeppa Studios, and BenefitWines.  What could be better than enjoying a glass of our private label Collie Isle Winery wine and knowing that BenefitWines donates $6 to MWCR for every bottle sold!
  • Donate via iGive or JustGive.
  • Buy Bon Ton coupon booklets for $5 and the full purchase price is donated to MWCR.
  • Check with you employer regarding corporate donations for volunteer work, matching donations, or options to donate to us via the United Way or Community Giving campaigns.  We have volunteers whose employers will make donations to MWCR based on the number of hours that their employees do volunteer work for us.  Other employers will match employee donations to eligible nonprofits.  My last employer matched employee donations  dollar-for-dollar up to $50,000 per year.  (Clearly , the company wanted to encourage its highly paid executives to make donations!)
  • Make a donation in memory of a late relative, friend, coworker, or pet.
  • Are you someone who has difficulty giving others suggestions as to what to get you for a  birthday or Christmas gift?  Why not suggest a tax-deductible donation to MWCR in your honor?

So, please consider MWCR when making your charitable contributions.  No donation is too small and all are greatly appreciated.  Your donations go directly to helping our Collies lead healthy and happy lives.  Thank you very, very much.

Collie Isle Winery

mwcr six pack72Looking for that perfect gift to give or enjoy during the holidays?  Why not consider the Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue’s private label Collie Isle Winery fine wines.

Collie Isle Winery wines are imported by BenefitWines from the LaFortuna Vineyards in Chile.  LaFortuna Vineyards is a fair-trade certified vineyard that produces vegan-friendly wines from organic-certified grapes.   Available wines include Carbernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc.  All feature MWCR Collies on the labels.

Collie Isle Winery wines can be ordered by clicking on the BenefitWines link at the bottom of the page on our website  BenefitWines generously donates $6.00 to MWCR for every bottle sold.  Because the cost of shipping decreases with the number of bottles ordered, it is best to order several bottles at once or to get together with a group of people and place one large order rather than several small orders.  The wine typically arrives within a week to 10 days after the order is placed.

Enjoy fine wine and help MWCR’s Collies at the same time!

Teamwork and Saving Collies

By Terry Libro, President, MWCR

I never cease to by amazed by the teamwork that exists within MWCR and the manner in which people come together quickly to help our dogs.

Late on a quiet Thursday evening a few weeks ago, I was shopping when my cell phone rang.  Kitty and Arnie Hilk’s daughter Amber had seen a Facebook posting about a free collie advertised on Craig’s List.  Amber, who was instrumental in saving an MWCR Collie (Elvis, now known as Tripper) from a dire situation a few years ago, was very concerned about this new collie given the unfortunate circumstances that dogs advertised on Craig’s List and Facebook can end up in.  Within minutes, our Intake Coordinators, Joan Tadisch and Barb Heideman, were tracking down the information, getting in touch with the owner, and explaining the work of MWCR.  By the next morning, the owner had agreed to hold the collie for us, Mary Scopp had found a foster home, and the transport was arranged.

MWCR has many volunteers who work quietly and tirelessly behind the scenes, are on call 24/7, and give so much of themselves to help our collies.  There aren’t any monetary rewards, only the satisfaction of knowing that another collie will have a wonderful new home because of their efforts.  Our volunteers have huge hearts and souls, and MWCR couldn’t exist without their dedication, commitment, and teamwork.  Your work is greatly appreciated.

October Adoptions

Rusty001Ricky (FKA Rusty), 1.5 year-old sable/white male came into rescue as a stray who turned up on a farm during calving season. Not only is he a foster flunky, he is probably our first ‘transport flunky’ since it was love at first sight for all concerned – which is pretty impressive considering how he smelled! Attached is his ‘before’ pic which shows his unusual head stripe (badger or skunk? – you decide).


StewieStewie, a 1.5 year old tri-factored sable/white male, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Stewie was surrendered to MWCR because his family is moving out of the country. Happily for him his new home has two boys for him to play with – and even better, it doesn’t have any cats because kitties scare him :-).
HannahHannah, a sable/white 5-year-old female, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Hannah came into rescue as an owner surrender. Although she was very loved, her family developed health issues that kept them from giving her the care she needed. Her new home has a large fenced yard for her to burn off energy and rumor has it there are a couple of border collie neighbors that are excited to meet their new playmate.
PatchesPatches, a 1-year-old sable/white male, has been adopted and will be living in Illinois. Patches was surrendered when he jumped the fence and started roaming the neighborhood trying to herd joggers and bicyclists. His new family will make sure he doesn’t get the chance to do that again and his collie-savvy kitty siblings will do their best to keep him in line 🙂

AryeRiverRaineArye, a 3-year-old sable headed white male, was originally adopted from MWCR by a loving family when he was six months old, but due to family health issues and time demands, they were forced to make the hard decision to give him up. It is obvious that he has been well cared for and much loved, which will continue in his new home. His new mom will be home with him most of the time and his new dad can’t wait to have a walking companion. Lucky boy to have been loved by so many!

iGive New Member Bonus for MWCR

Heads Up! $5 New Member Bonus for MWCR Now Live!!
Each and every person who joins and makes at least one purchase between October 18, 2013 and November 12, 2013 earns MINNESOTA WISCONSIN COLLIE RESCUE an extra $5. That’s in addition to the normal donation amount.  Help MWCR simply by shopping. Three important details –
  1. Over 1,350 stores participating.  Purchases at Amazon count for a donation,
    but not towards the new member bonus.
  2. New to iGive members only.
  3. You must use the special link provided below to join. And you must use iGive to
    visit the store (the Button, the iPhone / iPad apps, or links on our site).  Returns don’t count.
Ends 11/12/13.
You must join and shop by 11/12/13.  Get ready to do your holiday shopping and help MWCR at the same time.

Collie story: Adoption is the best!

Four adopted colliesWe adopted all of our collies from MWCR and have had a great experience. Collies are and always will be a passion for me. All three of my collies are doing well.  Ollie is now 14-16 years old (LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM), Megan is roughly 11 years old and acts much younger and Charlie is my baby!  He is 5-6 years old and just the sweetest collie boy ever! They are so beautiful and there is nowhere I would get a dog from in the future but a rescue.  We miss dear Dave but feel blessed daily with these three.  Our friend adopted Willow back in 2007 and she is an angel, too.

– Lori M., Milwaukee

Tribute to Max

Max came to us about a year and half ago, walked in, stole our hearts and never left .
The light of my 9-year-old’s life and he loved her. Max had a presence in every thing he did. His charm and personality, like no other. He had a love for his family, but he claimed my daughter as “his girl”.  She was at school when he passed. The hardest thing as a mother I’ve ever had to do was telling her Max was gone.

Max was loved all of his life from his first family to ours. I take peace in that knowing this incredible dog never went without love. Max would have been nine in February. He was a Collie/Bernese Mountain Dog mix.

Enjoy his video and yes every other picture is with his girl 🙂
Goodbye Max . . . until we meet again.
       – Laura M.

MWCR Annual Dinner Meeting and Fundraiser

Farm-Hand_CollieHi everyone!

The Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue’s Annual Dinner Meeting and Fundraiser will be held on Saturday, November 2, 3 – 6 p.m., at the Wayzata American Legion in Wayzata, Minnesota.  Registration is open on MWCR’s website. You can also call Terry at 952-432-0200 or send an email to Dinner is $18 per person or $15 if you bring a dessert to share.

We will have goodies for people, goodies for dogs, fun items on the Silent Auction, Gray Gables dog treats and products for people, door prizes, an interesting presentation on Canine Body Language, updates on MWCR, a delicious lasagna meal, and more. See flyer

Looking forward to seeing you in November!

MWCR Events/Fundraising Committee and MWCR Board of Directors