From the President

It’s been a little over three months since I became President of the Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue.  This summer has been a time of much learning and of great appreciation for the impressive rescue we have.

MWCR has phenomenal operations teams who work seamlessly across state borders to take in Collies, transport them to foster homes, get their needed veterinary care, and find the best possible permanent homes for our Collies.  All of our team members and foster  homes are experienced, knowledgeable Collie owners who know the breed and can make the best possible decisions for their care and their adoption.  Up until now, I’ve not been closely involved with the operations side of MWCR and to say that I’m impressed with the caliber of work and care is to put it mildly.  Our intake through adoption process works like a well-oiled machine.  It is easy to understand the reason that the Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue is so highly regarded in our upper Midwest service area.  All of our volunteers work tirelessly and are so dedicated to helping our Collies.  You deserve a big pat on the back for the work that you do.

During this summer, I’ve focused on learning more about the business of running a nonprofit and have taken several classes and workshops sponsored by MAP for Nonprofits and the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits on a wide range of topics, including IRS compliance for nonprofits, nonprofit governance, and nonprofit best business practices.  These classes, along with my business background, have strengthened my focus on putting more structure and organization into MWCR’s business practices.  We’ve grown from a small rescue into a rather sophisticated operation, so we need to be more diligent about documenting our policies and practices rather than simply relying on people’s knowledge of the ways things have been done.

Our new webmasters, Tom and Bonnie Ansley, have spent many, many volunteer hours creating and updating our new website and other databases.  They continue to draw on their impressive backgrounds in the technology field to make improvements to the website and our daily operations.  Bonnie has tapped into her resources at Microsoft and Tom has used his experience in information technology consulting to make changes that modernize the way that MWCR operates and allows us to be more efficient and effective.  We’re all grateful for the improvements that Tom and Bonnie have made.

Our relatively new and young Board of Directors have enthusiastically taken on their roles and are bringing fresh ideas to MWCR.  Four of the seven Board members have been in their roles for less than six months, including three of the Officers.  MWCR’s Board of Directors, including Sarah Rebernick, Douglas Christman, MyLinda Barke, Chris Norman, Leslie Ciaccio, Patty Hopkins, and myself, have been working very hard and have successfully taken on new responsibilities over the summer.  All of the Board members are experienced Collie owners and all bring either specific MWCR operational skills and knowledge or specific business knowledge to MWCR.  We are fortunate to have an exceptionally strong Board with members who work collaboratively with each other to do the most we can for the Collies who are our responsibilities.

The last three months have been busy and very rewarding for me.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet several MWCR members for the first time at the Madison area Collie Frolic in September and look forward to meeting more of you in person in the next several months.  We have a great organization with great people.  You have much to be proud of as MWCR members and supporters.


Terry Libro, MWCR President

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