From the President

It’s been a little over three months since I became President of the Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue.  This summer has been a time of much learning and of great appreciation for the impressive rescue we have.

MWCR has phenomenal operations teams who work seamlessly across state borders to take in Collies, transport them to foster homes, get their needed veterinary care, and find the best possible permanent homes for our Collies.  All of our team members and foster  homes are experienced, knowledgeable Collie owners who know the breed and can make the best possible decisions for their care and their adoption.  Up until now, I’ve not been closely involved with the operations side of MWCR and to say that I’m impressed with the caliber of work and care is to put it mildly.  Our intake through adoption process works like a well-oiled machine.  It is easy to understand the reason that the Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue is so highly regarded in our upper Midwest service area.  All of our volunteers work tirelessly and are so dedicated to helping our Collies.  You deserve a big pat on the back for the work that you do.

During this summer, I’ve focused on learning more about the business of running a nonprofit and have taken several classes and workshops sponsored by MAP for Nonprofits and the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits on a wide range of topics, including IRS compliance for nonprofits, nonprofit governance, and nonprofit best business practices.  These classes, along with my business background, have strengthened my focus on putting more structure and organization into MWCR’s business practices.  We’ve grown from a small rescue into a rather sophisticated operation, so we need to be more diligent about documenting our policies and practices rather than simply relying on people’s knowledge of the ways things have been done.

Our new webmasters, Tom and Bonnie Ansley, have spent many, many volunteer hours creating and updating our new website and other databases.  They continue to draw on their impressive backgrounds in the technology field to make improvements to the website and our daily operations.  Bonnie has tapped into her resources at Microsoft and Tom has used his experience in information technology consulting to make changes that modernize the way that MWCR operates and allows us to be more efficient and effective.  We’re all grateful for the improvements that Tom and Bonnie have made.

Our relatively new and young Board of Directors have enthusiastically taken on their roles and are bringing fresh ideas to MWCR.  Four of the seven Board members have been in their roles for less than six months, including three of the Officers.  MWCR’s Board of Directors, including Sarah Rebernick, Douglas Christman, MyLinda Barke, Chris Norman, Leslie Ciaccio, Patty Hopkins, and myself, have been working very hard and have successfully taken on new responsibilities over the summer.  All of the Board members are experienced Collie owners and all bring either specific MWCR operational skills and knowledge or specific business knowledge to MWCR.  We are fortunate to have an exceptionally strong Board with members who work collaboratively with each other to do the most we can for the Collies who are our responsibilities.

The last three months have been busy and very rewarding for me.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet several MWCR members for the first time at the Madison area Collie Frolic in September and look forward to meeting more of you in person in the next several months.  We have a great organization with great people.  You have much to be proud of as MWCR members and supporters.


Terry Libro, MWCR President

The Power of Networking

Found JakeThis afternoon, after an amazing amount of work by so many people, Jake, the lost MWCR Collie, was found and is back with his family in the Twin Cities.

Jake’s family did everything right.  They contacted Lost Dogs of Minnesota, contacted the police departments in the neighboring suburbs, contacted the Animal Humane Society, distributed flyers, searched the areas he was most likely to be, and followed up on sightings.  Jeannie also sent a copy of Jake’s flyer to a coworker who distributed it to the Comcast service technicians who drive about the Twin Cities.  In addition, the rescue community came together quickly and used social media to distribute Jake’s flyer as widely as possible.  MWCR’s email group, Facebook page, and blog, numerous groups including the Minnesota Sheltie Rescue, RAGOM, the Minnesota No Kill Alliance affiliate rescues, and the Pause 4 Paws affiliate rescues got the word out.  Hundreds, if not thousands, of people knew of Jake and were looking for him.

In the end, a woman on a bicycle saw Jake sleeping in the ditch along a very busy multi-lane street near a major freeway, called in the sighting, and Jake’s family came to the rescue.  I happened to be at a nearby high school distributing flyers to students and got to the area of the sighting just as Jeannie was putting Jake into the back seat of a car of a good Samaritan who stopped to help her.  We went to a nearby by gas station where Jake drank water, ate dog food, ate treats, and smiled at his mom.  Jake also promised me that he would not take off on any adventures again.  Jake looked fine, but Jeannie decided to take him to their veterinarian for a quick check.

So, thank you to the Boldt family for their dedication and determination to find Jake, thank you to the many people who kept Jake in their thoughts and prayers, and thank you to the many people who helped looked for Jake.  We are all relieved that there is a happy ending to this story.  Here are a couple of pictures of Jeannie with Jake at the gas station.

Thank you, again, everyone.

Terry Libro, MWCR President

September Adoptions

Patches - DSC_7289Patches 2, a 4-year-old tri-color male, has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. He was originally purchased as a working dog for herding but it turns out Patches would rather follow than lead. He is a sweet, gentle soul who is a friend to everyone, human and furry alike. Patches has had a couple hurdles to face – he is blind in one eye and at some point his leg was injured and did not heal properly. You would never know he has a vision  issue and the specialist says his leg should be fine as long as he keeps his boyish figure and gets moderate exercise. His loving personality isn’t affected in the least and he is now sharing his love with a canine brother and great new forever family.
PippaPippa, a 10ish tri-factored sable/white female, has been adopted! Pippa has been in foster care for a while now and recently her foster mom’s health has made it impossible for her to be at home. Fortunately for Pippa, she has found her forever home in Minnesota where she will be the only dog living with her new dad and a kitty sibling. Pippa came to us after she had been saved from a shelter that had her on the list to be euthanized within 24 hours. After that narrow escape, she has done her best to be great companion and I know she is going to love the fact that her new dad is retired and can spend the majority of his time with her. Way to go Pippa!
photo(1)Lexie, a 1.5 year-old sable headed white female, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Lexie came in from an over-crowded, high kill shelter shelter and had been an outdoor dog for most of her short life. Judging by the picture she has had no problem adjusting to indoor life and I’m sure her new mom and dad will be happy to keep pampering her.
Nick2Nick, a 6-8 year-old sable/white male, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Nick was an owner surrender who came in already shaved, which is a shame, but it does allow us to see how much weight he has to lose. He originally weighed in at 117 lbs. but is now down to 105. His foster mom started him on a slow but steady diet and exercise plan and his new mom will be keeping it up, with the help of his two new sheltie siblings. I’m hoping she’ll also send us updates as he continues to slim down.
Toby+6Toby, a 2-year-old sable/white male, has been adopted and will be living in Illinois (although he promised me he would always be a Packer’s fan). Toby came into rescue after his family had to move and could not take him with them. He was left alone in an empty house and a good samaritan contacted us about his situation. Despite his experience, Toby is a sweetheart who loves everyone and, understandably, likes to stay close to his people. He will get lots of love and attention from his new mom and dad, as well as visiting grandkids and family dogs, plus some extra treats since he still needs to add a few pounds. All in all it sounds like a wonderful new life for a wonderful collie!
DollyDolly, a 6-year-old tri-color female, has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. Dolly was surrendered when her family moved. In her new home she will be the only dog, however, she’ll have to learn to share her new mom and dad with a kitty sibling. I’m sure there will be more than enough love and attention to go around.
IzzyIzzy, tri-color female, has been adopted by Pippa’s new dad and will be living in Minnesota. It is so wonderful that they can be together again and I know her former mom would be happy with how things worked out. Click here for a video of Pippa and Izzy playing together a few years ago.

Pictures of the Month (click on photos for larger view)

Raylan and friendRaylan and friend

Madison Collie FrolicA whole ‘lotta begging going on for Gray Gables jerky at the Madison Collie Frolic

HollyHolly, adopted in 2009, has a real flair for herding but is going to scale down to the slower pace of ducks now that she is getting older. She is a loving and faithful companion and her mom feels blessed that she is in her life.

DesiDesi, adopted from MWCR in 2011, had another spa day to get rid of the remaining undercoat that she continued to shed. Her mom loves their special time together and the beautiful results.

MWCR’s Annual Dinner Meeting and Fundraiser

Mark your calendars for MWCR’s Annual Dinner Meeting and Fundraiser

putthis_on_calendar_clip_artThis year’s annual dinner is Saturday, Nov. 2, from 3-6 p.m., at the Wayzata American Legion in Wayzata, Minn.  We’ll have a delicious lasagna meal, a large silent auction, and a guest speaker.  Watch your mail, email, the MWCR website and Facebook page for more details and registration information.

Collie story – Travellin’

Hi, it’s me again, Laddie Luke, here.  Remember when last time I was daydreaming about the future, and thinking about the past? Well, you will never believe what happened!!
BLACK HILLS 2013 start (126)Little Em and I ended up touring the Black Hills for a week.  I saw unbelievable animals, and stayed in this room at night where we had our own big bed!  I, personally, was a little worried because I really love my own back yard, bed and home, but Em kept telling me, “It will be alright, we will be back home in a couple of days.”  It seems that she had been through this before so her attitude was it will be okay and it was! I was so happy to see my home again I raced around like a crazy dog.
Well, let me get back to my story. We spent many hours in our moving room.  It seemed like it took forever to get there, and when we got there I didn’t know whBLACK HILLS 2013 start (525)ere there was.  It just looked like a big room with two beds to me.  At least when we went to Lacrosse my friends were there with their families so there was comfort in that, but this time no one, only Little Em and me!  My Mom brought along our new bed in a box but we thought the heck with that, there is an extra bed with lots of room so we went for it.
The next day was back in the moving room and off we went to Mount Rushmore.  It seems they discriminate against dogs, segregating us to an area by the parking lot, but we could see the big rock in the distance.  Oh well, it didn’t look very different than any other rock to me but the smells, wow, Mountain Goats, right around the corner!  This was just the first of strange animals in a strange place.  The most exciting ones was the giant brown sheep!  Em and I were ready to take them on, but Mom would not let us out of our moving room to round them up and get them off the road.  I don’t understand why, we would have put them in their place, but Mom said no, they are Buffalo.  It seemed that the biggest one was the leader because finally they all followed him as he moved on.
BLACK HILLS 2013 start (279)What else did we see?  There were Mountain Bluebirds, Prairie Dogs (again we couldn’t chase them!), and antelope.  We went on to the Badlands.  I can certainly see why they are called that.  They are hot, dry, and barren, not to my liking at all.
BLACK HILLS 2013 start (252)Finally the day came when it was time to go home again.  It was another long day in the moving room, but at least time we were going in the right direction.  Its not that I don’t like adventures, but I must say they do teach you the value and comfort of your every day life.  Of course, we had to stop at Wall Drug and the Corn Palace.  It was okay. I got my picture taken.  How many dogs have gotten their pictures taken there, and went to the Black Hills on vacation?
Life is exciting, but still, its good to be home again.

Update: Jake has been found! Lost Dog- Golden Valley, Minn. – Collie- Male


Jake was found Monday afternoon by a biker who saw him sleeping in the ditch near Hwy. 169 and Bass Lake Road. He is safe!

Date Lost: 9-26-13 8:30 PM
Dog’s Name: Jake
Breed of Dog: Collie
Gender: Male
Neutered / Spayed: Neutered
Nearest landmark: He went missing in Golden Valley, Minnesota near Perry AVE and Basset Creek Road, which is near Hwy 100 and Duluth Street.
City where lost: Golden Valley
Zip Code: 55422
County: Hennepin
Color or Markings: brown and black collie with a white mane wearing a red dog collar. His front two feet are white and back feet are brown. May walk with a slight limp.
Dog’s Age: 6
Dog’s Weight: 50 lbs
Dog’s Demeanor: Shy/Timid
Dog is: Wearing tags, Wearing Collar
Any information on how lost, description etc. He slipped out the front door when it was opened for someone to come in. He got scared and started to run. We were able to follow him for short while but be got ahead of us.
Contact’s Name: Jeannie Boldt
Contact’s Phone Number: (612) 987- 4210
Contact’s e-mail address:
Alternate contact’s Name: Charles Boldt
Alternate Phone Number: (612) 669-1450
Alternate e-mail:

MWCR Booth Events

Responsible Dog Ownership Day

004MWCR, along with over fifty breed clubs, specialty clubs, and 4-H clubs, participated in the annual Responsible Dog Ownership Day event in Lake Elmo, Minn., on September 7.  The event offered demonstrations and competitions in rally, obedience, conformation, earth dogs, carting, weight pulls, and tracking along with educational tips and information about the various dog breeds.   Laddie and Emily Gibson, along with Barb Gibson, participated in the events, with Laddie taking first place in his class and Emily winning a ribbon.  Congratulations!  Thank you to Barb, her friend Helen, and Laddie and Emily for braving the 95 degree heat to represent MWCR.  Great job!

Brooklyn Park Dog Expo

BP Dog ExpoThe Brookdale Dog Park in Brooklyn Park, Minn., a dog park frequented by several MWCR Collies, hosted its annual Dog Expo on September 14.  Woodson and Brett Norman joyously greeted several of their dog friends at the event.

The Dog Expo included vendors, rescues, a police dog demonstration, and hourly prizes for attendees.  Thank you to Chris and KJ Norman, with Woodson and Brett, and Mary Ann Statz with Cindy for staffing the MWCR booth and representing MWCR so well.

Wisconsin Fall Petapalooza

Fall PetapaloozaThis year’s Wisconsin Fall Petapalooza was held at Hoffman Park in River Falls, Wis., on September 15.  Numerous rescues from western Wisconsin and the Twin Cities enjoyed the day at the park.

Attendees were treated to delightful live music, a raffle, free goodie bags, and homemade food.  Once again, our fancy Jezzebelle dog collars and our prize wheel were a big hit.  Thank you to Mary Ann Statz and Cindy for staffing the MWCR booth.

More pictures from all events

Milo’s Journey

Milo’s foster mom has created a video on Milo’s journey from Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue, into MWCR and recovery from so many issues. The video below has been passed around Facebook where many of you may have already seen it, but wanted to post it here for others who have not.

Milo has been Andi’s foster dog for over a year and is a living testament that sometimes it does take a village – rescuers, donors, caregivers, veterinary professionals and friends – to succeed with rescue. Milo joined his foster siblings (Sabrina and Leo) at the CCA Collie National in April to complete his herding instinct test.