August Adoptions

KellyKelly, 8-year-old male mahogany/white, joins the happy group of Minnesota foster flunkies. Kelly is a sweet boy who has had more than his share of sadness. His first owner passed away and then a family member in his new home developed severe allergies and they were forced to make the painful decision to surrender him. Sweet Kelly also has hip dysplasia, and although he may need surgery in the future, for now he gets around pretty well and his new mom helps him with exercises to strengthen his muscles. So after a little shuffling around, Kelly has landed in the perfect place and everyone there (furry and not) knows it. Congratulations!

Lady2Lady, a 1.5-year-old sable white, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Before coming into rescue she was an outdoor collie who just didn’t want to stay down on the farm. Lady had a reaction after her spay surgery that made the vet suspect she might have Addison’s disease, so she’ll be watched closely until her test results are in. Her new family is committed to helping her live a long, healthy life. Although she’s given up the farm life, she will be living with assorted small critters but as the only canine she’s sure to get all the love she can handle. Update; Lady does not have Addison’s Disease! She helped her human brother move to college the weekend of Aug. 24.

Skylar1Skylar, a super cute 9-month-old mahagony/white male, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Skylar came into foster after being surrendered to a shelter by his owner. We got a call that he was not doing well in the shelter environment and they asked us to take him in because he was very scared and not eating. Fortunately for Skylar, his foster home had a couple of dogs that were happy to let him know there was nothing to worry about and in no time he was playing and romping with them. Within a few days he had decided the people there were pretty okay, too, and that dinner time was one of the best things ever. Skylar warmed up to his new mom quickly and even gave the stamp of approval to his two new collie siblings. Being a pretty smart guy, I’m sure he’ll soon be showing his sweet, loving personality to everyone.

DexterSo what happens when a foster home who’s dog recently went to the Bridge takes in a four month old puppy? That’s right – instant foster flunkies! Dexter came into rescue when his previous family lost their home and he didn’t waste any time worming his way into his foster family’s hearts. So congratulations to Dexter on his forever home and to his new family for welcoming such a cutie into their lives!

GracieGracie, a 9-year-old sable/white, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Gracie is a very loving, sociable girl who needs a little extra TLC with loud noises and during stormy weather – which probably made her former life as an outdoor dog pretty scary at times. When Gracie came to MWCR, the vet discovered that at some point in her life she had suffered a broken pelvis which didn’t heal correctly, leaving her hip joint off kilter. So far this isn’t showing signs of bothering her although she does prefer to lie on her ‘good’ side. Gracie is now happily settled in her forever home with her new mom and lots of visiting friends where she is sure to get all the love and attention she deserves.

OnieOnie, a 5-year-old sable/white male, has been adopted and will be living in Colorado. Onie was surrendered to MWCR when his elderly owners were unable to care for him any longer. He will be sharing his new dad’s affection with his MWCR collie sister and he’s sure to be a big hit with his supermodel good looks!

WaylonWaylon, a sable headed white male about two years old, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin with his new mom, dad and two kitty siblings. He came into rescue from an overcrowded shelter after being found as a stray. Poor Waylon needs to be a little more cautious when choosing his friends, since he arrived with a face and chest full of porcupine quills. Although he can be a little shy, he wasted no time winning the hearts of his new family and even the kitties thought he was pretty cool.

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