Foster Failures Become Happy Families

Last month we were “foster failures.”  We were swept away on a tidal wave of love for our newly acquired foster collie. We renamed him ” Jackson”, a new name for a new life. He was formally known as “Butch” . Who names a beautiful collie  ” Butch”?  It  sounds like a name for a pit bull with a spiked collar.
We  are so proud to announce that all is happy here. We have never known a dog so anxious to please, so eager to fit in, or so demonstrative in his expression of his love. Daphne and Tristan have accepted him  as a family member and share their gifts and knowledge with him.  They  can relax and enjoy Jackson now that he has had his “procedure” and they no longer have to be concerned about his  amorous advances .
Arnie, Jackson and TristanI know Jackson is happy being with us, he demonstrates it every chance he gets, like jumping into bed with me at 2:30 a.m., flopping down next to me, his tail furiously wagging and snuggling his nose against my neck. If this doesn’t elect an instant petting response from me, he then goes to step #2,  which involves licking. If all else fails he then climbs on top of me and lays there. The weight of a 75 pound dog will wake you up. I never get mad at him for this.  I can only imagine how lonely he must have been tied to a dog house all alone day after day.
I think his life has changed a lot, hopefully for the good.  He no longer gets served two cups of “Old Roy” delivered to his dog house once a day. Nowadays he gets to go to Chuck & Don’s with Mom & Dad  for the “good stuff” plus Mommy makes yummy collie treats. He  eats and lives with us as a member of our family. He has had his first bath (which he liked) and his first vet appointment. He now has acres of woods to play in with Daphne & Tristan. He never had playmates before.  He is a much loved member of the family and knows he is a very important to all of us. Jackson enjoys having afternoon coffee with Mom & Dad. It was a surprise to us when he shared my cup of coffee with me. Jackson likes his served lukewarm with cream & sugar. WHO KNEW??
Thank you MWCR. If it weren’t for the efforts of some very special people, this whole new life for Jackson would never have happened for him or the thousand other collies MWCR has found new homes for in the last 10 years. Jackson shows us every day in every way he can how happy he is. I bet your adopted collie does too.
Arnie & Kitty Hilk
Jackson, Tristan, Daphne Hilk

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