Collie Story: Making friends on a walk

By Gloria Gerber

Jake & MaisieI sit and ask myself, what collie story do I have to contribute to the MWCR blog.  I guess everyone has many collie stories if they really thought about it.  I have one in particular that comes to my mind over and over.  I walk my two collies Jake 10 1/2 years old, and Maisie who is going to be four in November.  One morning on a walk, there was a woman waiting for the bus with her handicapped son.  He was in a wheelchair.  Now Maisie and Jake are not around children very often.  Maisie is usually afraid of them for a bit, and Jake seems annoyed by them.  The young boy was probably six or seven years old and he was reaching out to the dogs and trying to talk.  His mother was trying to settle him down when Maisie went right to him.  Jake followed of course and since Jake is blind in one eye and has collie eye in the other, his sight is not good. He still felt the need to go to this child.

The mom said it was okay and the young boy was so kind to the dogs.  Maisie licked his face and he started to react by laughing. Jake is not a licker so then they both just sat next to the boy and let him feel their fur in his hands and face.  The mom told me he has never reacted to dogs in that way before, and I told her my dogs have never reacted to a child that way.  I am not sure what his handicap was specifically, but he could not speak where you could understand him and he could not sit upright so he was strapped in the chair.
The mom thanked me for stopping as the bus showed up.  The boy was waving and saying bye and it seemed to be the only word he could say. We saw him a couple more times and always stopped.  It was a good feeling to see my fur kids notice that someone needed to love them.  We take for granted sometimes how much our dogs love us.  Whenever I come home and see Jake and Maisie they come and greet me and at night when I finally sit down for a bit of TV watching I have to sit in the middle of the sofa so they can both have some of mama.
Do I have more stories?  Most certainly, but none have affected me quite as much as this one.  These dogs have such intuition of what is needed in your life.  When you are sad, they comfort you. When you are stressed they stay close but not too clingy.  when you feel upset or angry they do something funny to make you laugh.  What more could you ask for?

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