Collie story: Little Em Finds Her Voice

Emily_blog postHello, I am Little Em, and I thought you might want to know how I found my voice.  My actual name is Emily Ester Rose Gibson, and I am six years old now.  When my Mom and I found each other she called me “Little Em, and the name stuck.  I was 41 pounds, still a puppy, and afraid of things, especially riding in the car.   I also wouldn’t talk.
My Mom took me to obedience school, and I grew more and more confident as time went by.  One day I wasn’t getting snacks fast enough, so I barked to let her know.  My teacher told my Mom, “she found her voice!” and I have been talking ever since.  The neat thing is that I am really listened to!! For example, I was tired one night when I was walking with my brother Laddie, and a motorcycle went by.  Now I hate motorcycles, but I didn’t feel like telling this one off so I told Laddie to go for it for me, and he did!!  He did a wonderful job too, especially since this was the first time he had done this.  He doesn’t really like to bark at things, like rabbits, squirrels, and such, but he sure told that motorcycle off for me.  I told him “Good job, Laddie!”
That’s not the most fun I have had using my voice though.  Let me tell you about the little dogs that live on my block,  One morning they set up a chorus, barking from every direction, and this was early morning no less.  Well, when I finally got let out I ran over to the back gate, and told them all in no uncertain terms to shut up!  I barked angrily, loudly, and clearly until they did just that!  For the rest of the day not one of those little dogs let out a pip!  It seems to me that the collie voice is listened to, and respected by all!  So now you know the story of how I found my voice, and the confidence it gave me.

– Emily Ester Rose Gibson

2 thoughts on “Collie story: Little Em Finds Her Voice

  1. Thanks for sharing this with me Barb. I’m glad she found her voice. Emily is such a beautiful dog & the two of you are very lucky to have each other!

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