Adventures of a Foster Failure

By Kitty Hilk

Oh yes, we did it again! FOSTER FAILURES!!  We did not intend to adopt again, but what can I say…….we fell in love with Jackson and the heart wants what the heart wants.

His history is, he was abandoned without food or water a year ago and a good Samaritan brought him home and cared for him. He has always been an outside farm dog. At the home of his rescuer his residence was a dog house behind the owners home. He had never been vetted, never been groomed or bathed. It took us several days of brushing, filling three grocery bags with matted fur and smelly debris before we could bring him to our groomer.  She had to bath him three times to get him clean.
What impressed us about him was how patient and good natured he is when he is faced with experiences he had never had before, especially  when you factor in how young he is.
 He made a couple of mistakes and had a few errors in judgement when he first arrived home with us. He came to us as an intact male and as such approached Daphne with what she considered his lewd intentions. Being a girl of high moral values, she spurned him several times by bearing her teeth at him to let him know that she was not “that type of girl”. Undaunted by her rejection he then turned his amorous intentions on Tristan. Tristan is a gentleman and has not had a lot of “life experiences”. He was horrified by being approached in this manner and was totally at a loss of what to do. Life returned to sanity when Jackson was quickly sent to the vet at their first open appointment for his “procedure.” Incidentally, the vet fell in love with Jackson and wanted to adopt him.
Now that Tristan and Daphne no longer have to worry about being sexually molested by Jackson, they have grown to enjoy him. He follows Tristan on fence line checks, goes on daily walks with Arnie and is back-up barker for Daphne. She has introduced him to the joy of yapping insults through the woods to an elderly black lab who lives on a neighboring hobby farm two blocks away from our house. She has never seen this dog, and he has never seen her, but that doesn’t stop them from trash talking. Lucky for us we have no close neighbors, Jackson is having the time of his life.
He has been the almost totally perfect dog, except …… he removed most of Arnie’s landscape lights early one morning. He had them in a neat pile by the back door. Arnie was still in bed and I was on my way to work when Jackson showed me his handiwork. He was smiling and wagging his tail  so proud of himself. All I could think of was how upset Arnie would be. My first impulse was to grab Jackson and leave town for a while. but I went to work instead. When I came back home I found Arnie & Jackson on the front porch. Arnie was sitting in one of the wicker rockers and Jackson was sitting next to him, being PETTED!! Arnie had a serene smile as he explained that because Jackson was young and had never seen landscape lights before coming here, he was forgiven …… bless “The Puppy Cuteness Factor”, as it protects them.

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